About Us

MaisonMarché (which translates to "house market" in French) was founded by retail pioneer, fashion insider, and style visionary, Sarah Easley.

Easley co-founded Kirna Zabete, the designer boutique that launched the luxury retail boom in the Soho neighborhood of downtown Manhattan. Easley's relationships with an exclusive group of hard to find international designers in the luxury and high end contemporary markets, gives her clients unparalleled access to new collections.

MaisonMarché is a hyper-curated fashion shop and online retailer. Our team travels all over the USA to create beautiful shops in private residences and luxury hotels for just one day. We have resurrected to joy of shopping with friends! Our mission here is to offer a customized online shopping experience for you and your real life. We want to inspire you and stretch your style. We want to empower you to try a new color or shape. We want to give you product knowledge and share with you several ways to wear every piece you select. At our selling events and online shopping experience we offer an ever-rotating edit of fashion that is relevant to you. 

"Easley’s edit of brands is also key: She’s passionate about supporting small-batch, artisanal, and sustainable designers, and is careful to avoid “mood overlap” between brands. There might be a casual, utilitarian label like Nili Lotan next to a more bohemian one, like Warm or Isla & White; the goal is to avoid redundancies and the frustration caused by the choice overload…

"Formerly one-half of super success store Kirna Zabête (she sold her stake in 2016), Easley has a decades-long history of launching labels we love, mentoring designers and collaborating across classifications. She is the rare ambassador who is so socially gifted, she makes even luxury designer clothes feel playful and accessible. It’s no easy feat, especially in the rarefied world of high fashion...Easley and her band of MaisonMarché stylists approach clothes with the same enthusiasm and ease that Ellen DeGeneres has with celebrities, Marie Kondo with stuff and Brené Brown with feelings. That infectious charm is the real genius behind her year-old retail vision."

"I love the treasure hunt! Scouting out new talent in Cartagena, Mexico City, or Brooklyn and learning the brand stories, then sharing them with new communities — that’s meaningful to me. The MaisonMarché client has a high taste level and cares how and where products are made. We aim to offer as many artisan-created, sustainably aware, upcycled collections as possible."
Sarah Easley THE DAILY